Cleveland's Culinary Heritage In every bite & sip

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Begin your day mastering the art of early-19th century breakfast, inspired by the authentic spot that graced this location back in 1815. Join us at our relaxed yet sophisticated lounge, where the ambience mirrors the vibrancy of this city. Here at Hotel Cleveland, we are more than just a hotel; we're a gastronomical adventure across time, serving up a dynamic blend of eats that infuse tradition into each flavorful serving. Our chefs reinterpret Cleveland's iconic dishes with a modern flair, each dish an homage to the city, framed by the bustling canvas of Public Square. 

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Be our guest at Maker, an alluring mix of high-end dining and comfortable ambiance, famous for communal dishes that bring to life the essence of Cleveland, and signature cocktails that make the city's tongues wag. 

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Acknowledging the groundbreaker Phineas Mowrey, who pioneered tavern culture in Cleveland back in 1815, we pay homage with our own Mowrey's. Open daily, it's the city's premier destination for indulging in the warmth of morning and noon-time meals. 

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